March 2016 Vol. 1

AusGrid Issues List of Approved Materials and Equipment Advice (March 2016)

ACCC Warns of Fires and Shocks as Infinity Cable Reaches Fail Date

Prysmian secures contract worth around 250 Mil for Submarine Cable

SA Power Networks Publishes Testing Standard for Underground and Overhead Distribution Powerlines

Queensland Government Alert – SKL Electrical Cables Prohibited

Chinese SKL Cables – Brittle on the outside, bad fortune on the inside!

Australian Homes at Risk from Faulty Wiring

Importing Electrical Cable from Asia ? – Get it Tested for Compliance to Australian Standards and Codes

Fire Resistant Cables in Australia – White Paper [PDF]

Lawyers Representing Nexans Make Case

World Wire Cable (Aust.) Pty Ltd Publishes Comprehensive Capability Statement [PDF]

Achievement and Experience in Service of Long Length High Voltage Electrical

Prysmian to Provide Fire Safety Cables to New UK Factory

Prysmian Group Well-connected from its Liverpool base

Prysmian and Nexans Cable Cartel Alledged

Copper-catalyzed oxidation caused by copper-rich impurities in cross-linked polyethylene cable insulation (New Research)

Condition Assessment of High Voltage (22 kV) Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC)

Condition Assessment of High Voltage (22 kV) Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) 1st page

Tasmania is Facing a Power Crisis Due to Cable Fault

Russian Cable Conference and Exhibitions Draws Big Numbers

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XLPE and HDPE Cable Insulation Testing (QA, QC, incoming raw materials)
-Carbon Black Content (ASTM D1603, AS/NZS 2904 Clause 7.4.5 which uses AS 1463 Appendix B)
-Carbon Black Dispersion
-Oxidative Induction Time (OIT)
-Melt Flow Index (MFR)
-Stress Cracking Resistance Testing (ESCR testing)
-Failure Analysis (processing, water treeing, contamination ID, etc)

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Density Determination
Accelerated Weathering testing
Charpy and Izod Tensile Tester
Laboratory press for preparing samples
Plasticizer extraction analysis apparatus
Loss in Mass (volatility) analysis
Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) Analysis of Cables
Wire Insulation Abrasion
Testing Composition of Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables
Testing of %Crosslinking of XLPE Cables
Testing of Tree Retardant XLPE Cables
Identification of Contamination/Foreign Matter
Determination of % Carbon Black in Cable Sheathing
Determination of Filler Content/Composition in Cable Insulation
Limiting Oxygen Index of Flame Retardant Cables
Plasticizer Level and Content of PVC Insulated Cables
Compliance Testing of Important Cable to Ensure it is Compliant with Australian Standards

Condition Monitoring providing technical advice to customers in relation to condition assessment and forensic testing of high voltage cables, electrical plants and insulation systems.

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