September 2020 Vol. 2

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Prysmian Group to Apply E3X Coating Technology to Bare Overhead Transmission Conductors

Prysmian Group Joins the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders Project
Cable and optical fibre technology are key for the energy transition and digitalisation

Borealis Introduce HE1355, the ADCA-free Compound for Telecommunication Cables
World’s first chemically-foamed, high-density polyethylene grade free of azodicarbonamide

Borealis Plays Part in Cables for German Renewables​


New Device Finds HV Cable Faults
The instrument, which also has facilities for sheath fault testing and sheath fault pinpointing, is particularly suitable for use on long HV cables.

Methods Used in the Condition Management of Medium Voltage Cable Network

Finding Faults in MV ad HV Cables


Impact & Mitigation of Icing on Power Network Equipment – Insulator Flashover (Video)

Diagnosis and Location of High-voltage Cable Fault Based on Sheath Current

High-voltage Cable Fault Analysis base on X-ray Image Processing

Corrosion of Aluminium and Copper in Cable Conductors

Investigation of Electrical Tree Growth of XLPE Nano Composites using Time–Frequency Map and Clustering Analysis of PD Signals

Effect of Aging under AC Superimposed Harmonic Voltage on Trap and Carrier Transport Properties of Silicone Rubber


Upcoming Conference on Polymers in Cables, February 2-3, 2021

Video Webinar on PVDF for Wire and Cable Applications

Video Webinar on Polymer processing Aids (PPA) in Wire and Cable Processing

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This Newsletter is brought to you by the Australian Cable Material Testing Laboratory (NATA Certified)

ExcelPlas Cable Insulation Testing Laboratory Capabilities:
-DSC Thermal Analysis to identify melting point, Glass transition (Tg) and Thermal Stability (OIT)
-FTIR Infra-red Analysis for compositional analysis of polymers and additives
-TGA Thermogravimetric Analysis for weight loss with loss of additives, oils, polymer decomposition, filler levels
-X-Ray Analysis (EDS/XRD) to identify the crystalline phase and composition of inorganic additives
-Carbon Black Content (ASTM D1603, AS/NZS 2904 Clause 7.4.5 which uses AS 1463 Appendix B)
-Carbon Black Dispersion
-Oxidative Induction Time (OIT)
-Melt Flow Index (MFR)
-Stress Cracking Resistance Testing (ESCR testing)
-Failure Analysis (processing, water treeing, contamination ID, etc)

Examples of Polymer Materials Excelplas Can Test:
XLPE and HDPE Cable Insulation Testing (QA, QC, incoming raw materials)
* PVC (V-90) (Soft (plasticised) Polyvinyl Chloride compound)
* XLPE (X-90, X-HF-110) (Crosslinked Polyethylene)
* Rubber (R-EP-90, R-HF-90, R-HF-110) (Ethylene Propylene Rubber).

ExcelPlas Undertakes the Following Cable Testing as per AS/NZS 5000 and AS/NZS 3808:
* Measurement of thickness of insulation and sheath (sample test)
* Tensile strength and elongation of insulation and sheath material – before ageing (type test)
* Tensile strength and elongation of insulation and sheath material – after ageing (type test)
* Loss of mass of insulation and sheath (thermoplastic materials only) (type test)
* Pressure test at high temperature of insulation and sheath (thermoplastic materials only) (type test)
* Heat shock (thermoplastic materials only) (sample test)
* Hot set test (cross linked materials only) (type test)
* Exudation of plasticizer (thermoplastic materials only) (type test)
* Compatibility test of cables materials (type test)

Other Cable and Insulation Testing Offered by ExcelPlas NATA Labs:
• Shore A/D Hardness
• Density Determination
• Accelerated Weathering testing
• Charpy and Izod Tensile Tester
• Laboratory press for preparing samples
• Plasticizer extraction analysis apparatus
• Loss in Mass (volatility) analysis
• Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) Analysis of Cables
• Wire Insulation Abrasion
• Testing Composition of Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables
• Testing of %Crosslinking of XLPE Cables
• Testing of Tree Retardant XLPE Cables
• Identification of Contamination/Foreign Matter
• Determination of % Carbon Black in Cable Sheathing
• Determination of Filler Content/Composition in Cable Insulation
• Limiting Oxygen Index of Flame Retardant Cables
• Plasticizer Level and Content of PVC Insulated Cables
• Compliance Testing of Important Cable to Ensure it is Compliant with Australian Standards

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